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The Swiss All Star is the largest basketball camp in Europe. For 25+ years, this camp, located conveniently in the center of Europe, has been a meeting place for players from many different countries.

The camp has attracted over 1ooo campers on years when there has been a superstar name appearing at the camp. Most years, the average size of the camp is about 330 campers per week. This is not an elite skills camp, this is a fun camp which has so much entertainment, the experiences cannot ever be forgotten.

The Swiss Camp has been an inspiration to the ABN model. ABN can help you save money, and also help you with an extensive tour if you would like to attend the camp. Please note that payment to the Swiss Camp via ABN is not through registration on this website.


ROB FRIEDRICH , Owner of ABN, was the head technical director of the Swiss All Star Camp for 10 years. ABN now works together with the Swiss camp to provide a location for teams, tours, tournaments and special guests to attend.  Remember. You can get a registration discount by going through the ABN website! save $100* for this great camp!

* Please note that registration fee discount is $100 off Swiss Camp Fee.


  • July 11-16, 2016 Swiss All Star Camp  Week 1   NBA guest
  • July 18-23, 2016 Swiss All Star Camp  Week 2  NBA guest
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ABN arranges tours, combo trips to ABN and the Swiss Camp, as well as team tournament opportunities. Contact us for any more information.