$450 Early Registration! Hurry! International Individual and TEAM Camp ( Boys & Girls ) Ages 10-18 July 3-9,2016 +

ABN is now bringing its famous chain of basketball camps to Greece!

For Boys and Girls  8-18  Beginners to National Team Level

Team Camp inclusive! Bring your team and train and play matches! Other internationals will be there.

ABN is the leader in Global Camp Management with fingerprints in over 20 countries.

ABN Global Camps offer top quality instructors you cannot find at smaller provincial camps. ABN doesn't just show off the Pro Player, we teach you basketball, and more importantantly.. we teach you life!

  • ABN camps are not "play" camps. There are 6 hours of instruction daily plus entertainment to keep you laughing and smiling while making new friends
  • Each player will be assigned a lead USA coach. Your practices will be in English, with Greek speaking assistants.
  • Our coaching staff is networked. That is why we are called the Assist Basketball Network. The company was created to assist players in getting to the USA to play high school and college basketball
  • ABN is a scouting organization. When you register in our camp, you are in our database. You will never be charged again to be helped to go to the USA. Paying an agency or company to get you a scholarship is not the way to go.
  • Our camps offer NBA and ex-NBA  players and coaches who actually work with you. Our goal is to give you 6 full days of elite foundations development. FUNdamentals FUNdamentals FUNdamentals. Yes... learning in a fun way!
  • Our camps start at 8 am and end each evening at 21:00... unless you want to watch our showcase pros play from 21:00-22:00!
  • Our camps offer swimming, contests, 3-3 tournament with DJ, 5-5 tournament with awards, seminars on USA, strength and fitness concepts, shooting mechanics, development of the crucial 4 quadrants, and at each ABN camp is our famous ABN village.. ( Think ESPN zone at an NBA All Star Game
  • Want to learn more about ABN? www.assistbasketballnetwork.com
Days Until Early Registration Discount Ends

The ABN GREECE SuperCamp will be a  special "one-of-a-kind" experience! Look what you get:


Pay 50Euro nonrefundable deposit  by May 1 & pay 500 total by June 15, 2016

Dates :   July 4-9, 2016 Elite Fundamentals Camp      8:00 am - 21:00pm       5 nights'

camp begins Monday 12 and ends Saturday 12

Ages: 8-18              girls and boys individual elite camp plus matches

Ages 13-18u team camp        ( elite camp plus tournament)

Hotels: Mets Sports Complex, Athens Greece

Various local hotels  3*** +.   2-3 players per room

Coaches: AN NBA shooting coach will be present to give the finest shooting instruction possible to all players.  USA Elite: exNBA and exNCAA coaches, scouts, and players all provide premier coaching not available at any other camp. This is what makes ABN special

One special coach, Stacy Nolan, will also be our master of ceremonies and DJ. No one on the globe is better than Stacy at not only knowing how to teach basketball, but combining it with an element of music.

EUR Elite: Elite Greek  and International Pro Coaches. Some of the top names in Greek basketball will be present to help coach at this prestigious camp.

NBA Player: NBA Player Nick Calathes will make an appearance at the camp.  An outstanding NBA level shooting coach will be present to promote the ABN shooting philosophy which is globally recognized.

Scouting: All players will be entered into the ABN scouting database. All a coaches will be helping players network into high school and college programs. No agents or fee based agencies will be allowed, you will be helped for free.

Camp schedule: This is an ABN elite fundamentals basketball camp. Players will be distributed into group sizes of 20-25 players by skill. Each group will have a lead USA elite coach. An example coach would be Sharone Wright, ex NBA 1st round player, FIBA player of the year, and top international 1. division pro coach and low post specialist. Terry Layton, an international coach who has been done camps around globe and works as a Nike scout, or maybe Tom Sterner, a 20+ year NBA coaching veteran comes and takes a group for one week. Daniel Dunne, a pro coach who works with player development and has been working with sending players across the ocean for over 20 years. Viktoria Shokolova, Professional women's player from Russia will give the role model to female players of how to combine the elements of combining serious competition with being a lady in today's society.

ABN makes sure to only bring the best to serve as top lead coaches!   Each head coach will have one Greek/European coach as an assistant, and most groups will have one volunteer free agent pro who is looking to find a job in Spain. Our normal ration is 1:8 coach to player! This gives maximum opportunities for instruction. It also gives the coaches a chance to personally work with you and your game, as well as guide you in trying to network your future basketball career possibilities.

Camp starts each morning at 8am and ends each evening at 21:00. Day camp available through Greek website.

The camp has 3 elite training group  sessions each day + matches, contests, special events, and learning mental modules. Dont miss our "How to Play in the USA" session.

The  camp also has individual positional development stations which you can choose yourself. (Develop your low post game, or learn to handle like Curry..)

TEAM Camps: 13-18 year old teams are encouraged to come. This is what makes our camps unique. The players will attend professional elite training with the American coaches during the day and play 4 matches as a team in the evening and the end of the week. A great team builder, and a great way for a team to grow.

TEAM BONUS!: Teams are able, for an added cost, to arrange private coaching sessions with our NBA coach.

Camp will also have fun: There will be a DJ'd 3-3 tournament, a 5-5 tournament, trophies, contests, slam dunk champion, coaches talent show and concert, BBQ, swimming pool fun and Olympics, player talent contest ( non basketball), an ABN camp village with entertainment like an NBA all star game weekend, and lots of new friends to meet...

Educational Modules:

  • There will be a session on the rules regulations procedures and protocols on how to play both high school and college in the NBA. Don't be scammed by an agency wanting money.
  • There will be a module on fitness and strength training. A trained professional strength and conditioning coach will speak to you and share the do's and don't of physical development as well as give you an outstanding jumping program
  • Shooting. There is a special day of camp shooting instruction from one of the most reknown shooting instructors in the world. Each player will also have  continual shooting technique reinforcement each day
  • Mental training. Visualization, self talk, and rehearsal... keys to helping you focus and be prepared. This section of a players development is easily overlooked, and undertrained.
  • ABN camps are in English! There will be a Greek speaking coach at all sessions, and the younger childrens groups will have two speakers assigned, but this is an excellent way for a young child with international aspirations to learn and practice English playing a sport they love.


Mets  Sports Complex- Athens.

Markou Mousourou 70, Mets,  Athens

map: https://goo.gl/maps/dFVpWBbL8iH2

Regular Day  Camp Price   400 Euros  ( 450 Euros after June 30)

Or Pay  50 Euro non refundable deposit and pay 400 total by June 15, 2016

Camp is defined as  Monday July 4 13:00-- Saturday July 9 ,2016  12 noon. any longer stays or extra meals are the responsibility of the camper

Regular Overnight Camp Prices ( includes all meals and house or hotel lodging)

500 Euro  if paid by June 1, 2016        (  or  450 if deposit 50 paid ( balance due June 15 )

525 Euro  Last Minute  Late Price     All Registrations After June 15 no deposits

Pay  50 Euro non refundable deposit  by May 1 & pay 500 total by June 15, 2016

Camp will close at 350 players! First come first serve. No reservations without non refundable deposit.


  • 10 E one way/ 20E round trip    Bus transportation from Athens
  • airport pickup.. 25Euro each direction. by request+( certain times only)
  • NBA coaches clinic     July 2-3  all day                                                                            60Euro  includes 2 days lunch and dinner.                                                                              90 Euro with hotel ( 2) / 100 Euro if  single room.  register via info@assistbasketballnetwork.com

Free: Train pickup at Athens downtown train/bus station

Team Pricing: Contact us  Discounts given to groups of 3 or more. Large saving for teams

Coach Incentive: We pay cash to Greek coaches who bring their teams, and to international representatives who send us players. Contact us for special financial bonuses.

International Teams and Players: Contact us for international pricing! We have a special discount for your boys or girls team, or if you are an individual. All international registrations go through the ABN website.

Want More information on our partner Greek website? Go to: http://www.fortiusports.gr/