BIG MAN's ( 18)  /   PERIMETER ( 12)  COMBO CAMP

Days Until Early Registration Discount Ends
SAVE 500 EURO with early registration for the Pro "BIg Mans and Perimeter" Camp August 1-6, 2016 Kaunas, Lithuania Maximum 18 posts and 12 perimeters +

ABN is now bringing its famous chain of basketball camps to Spain!

For Boys and Girls  10-18  Beginners to National Team Level

Team Camp inclusive! Bring your team and train and play matches! Other internationals will be there.

ABN is the leader in Global Camp Management with fingerprints in over 20 countries.

ABN Global Camps offer top quality instructors you cannot find at smaller provincial camps. ABN doesn't just show off the Pro Player, we teach you basketball, and more importantantly.. we teach you life!

  • ABN camps are not "play" camps. There are 6 hours of instruction daily plus entertainment to keep you laughing and smiling while making new friends
  • Each player will be assigned a lead USA coach. Your practices will be in English, with Spanish speaking assistants.
  • Our coaching staff is networked. That is why we are called the Assist Basketball Network. The company was created to assist players in getting to the USA to play high school and college basketball
  • ABN is a scouting organization. When you register in our camp, you are in our database. You will never be charged again to be helped to go to the USA. Paying an agency or company to get you a scholarship is not the way to go.
  • Our camps offer NBA and ex-NBA  players and coaches who actually work with you. Our goal is to give you 6 full days of elite foundations development. FUNdamentals FUNdamentals FUNdamentals. Yes... learning in a fun way!
  • Our camps start at 8 am and end each evening at 21:00... unless you want to watch our showcase pros play from 21:00-22:00!
  • Our camps offer swimming, contests, 3-3 tournament with DJ, 5-5 tournament with awards, seminars on USA, strength and fitness concepts, shooting mechanics, development of the crucial 4 quadrants, and at each ABN camp is our famous ABN village.. ( Think ESPN zone at an NBA All Star Game
  • Want to learn more about ABN? www.assistbasketballnetwork.com
  • Want to learn more about BBA? http://www.bbacastelldefels.com/

ABN is bringing the only Professional BigMan's Camp to Europe! Join Us

Cost:4000 Euros

Early Registration  3500!


a) 5 nights upscale hotel (single room) accommodations

b) all meals, social activities with NBA player and NBA Coach

c) Press conference

d)  6 hours daily physical training   1 hour mental training daily

e) assessement protocols by request ( combine stats)

f) video and manual of all instruction material

1 professional post coach per 6 attendees.


An exclusive lineup of Post player development coaches led by

Bob Hill.. Most sought after post coach in the world

Sha'ron Wright   Professional Coach, Specialized coach, Former NBA




Ages: 18-25 Male Players only    Height: Minimum height of 204cm required.

Consideration given to talented 19u players 6'11 or taller ( National Team Level)

Please be patient as we update this webpage.

This camp will be an attempt to recreate Pete Newell's BigMan's Camp on the European Continent