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NON ABN Partner Camp

Largest Youth Camp in Europe

2weeks: July 11-16 &  July 18-23

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Youth SuperCamp July 3-9

8-18 Boys/Girls Individual & Team

Pro Free Agent Camp:  TBA

Tour location: June, July, August

Pro Development Camp

30 Max= 18 BIGS + 12 WINGS

Pro Players ages 18-25

August 1-6, 2016  Kaunas, LI

Youth SuperCamp August 1-6

8-18 Boys/Girls Individual & Team

PRO  BIGMAN's  camp Aug 1-6

Tour location: All year academy

SuperCamp August 12-15

Individuals and Teams

Youth Year Round Academy

Dehli, Bangalore

Postponed until 2017

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2017 relocation - sorry

Pro Free Agent Camp  TBA

Youth SuperCamp   July 25-31


Tour location: July, August

Andorra  SuperCamp July 2017

8-18 Boys/Girls Individual & Team

Pro Integration Residenc: All year

Tour location: June, July, August

Free Agent Camps;  TBA

Youth SuperCamp:  TBA


Tour location: All Year

Free Agent Camps;  TBA

Youth SuperCamp:  TBA

Tour location: All Year

Copenhagen Cup Invite !


Welcome to Assist Basketball Network - CAMPS!

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Youth Camp schedule for 2016:

  • Ages 8-18      Boys and Girls Individual and team overnight American style camp
  • June 18-23      TBA
  • June 18-27      looking for new partners in any country for this week
  • June 25-J1      looking for new partners in Italy or Turkey for this week
  • July 4-9           Athens, Greece  International Youth Individual and Team Camp
  • July 2017        Andorra Spain
  • July 11-16/18-25   Switzerland ( Partner Camp)  see tours/discounts
  • July 2017         France
  • Aug 1-6             Kaunas, Lithuania  International Youth Individual and Team Camp
  • Aug 1-6             Kaunas, Lithuania   PRO (18-25) Euro "BIG-Mans" Camp (204cm+)
  •                             Possible pro summer showcase in India with start up Pro League
  • Aug 12-14            India Supercamp, Dehli


  • All year:      Pro Residency in Europe.. various locations. contact us
  • Pro Development Camp   Kaunas Lithuania  EURO BIG MANS CAMP


  • Year long     Banglore, India  ( 6 locations)
  • Pilot              Athens Greece

ABN Elite Fundamentals Player Development Camps started in Denmark in 1990. We now offer both amateur youth and professional free agent camps in multiple countries.

Types of ABN Camps

  •  8-12 year old  day camps  boys and girls FUNdamentals basics with NBA inspiration
  • 13-22 year old overnight camps  boys and girls  Elite FUNdamentals with NBA guests
  • Professional free agent integration camps. This means you play integrated on local teams. ABN does not believe in USA teams all playing against each other in showcases.

About ABN Camps

  • Each ABN camp brings international players and teams, as well as excellent college and pro level coaches from the USA. NBA coaches and players make appearances.
  • Camps all offer hotels and full meals and lodgings for international participants, or you can sign up your team as day campers and take care of your own lodging
  • At some camps, we have home exchange programs for a slight extra fee.( which goes to family)
  • You may register for the camp alone, and book your own travel, or we can help you with our large travel agencies in finding a hotel or cheaper lodging.
  • Camps generally start on Sunday or Monday and run until Friday/Saturday, and are sometimes followed by large international tournaments. At many of the venues, Free Agent professional showcases are taking place, so you also have a chance to watch how professional players train and workout for jobs! The last piece of our camps are the international coaches clinics we create as the camps are grown internationally. We are very happy for our new locations and are always looking to expand!
  • PLEASE NOTE: ABN Camps are owned by ABN and all transactions are in Euros. Participants are responsible for any international bank fees. Camps in India may receive Dollars or Rupees. All Partner NON-ABN Camps ( Switzerland, Poland, Czech, USA) are subject to fluctuated rate due to monetary exchange. Partner Camps must be registered via invoice, not via this website

Camps Include

  • Over 8 hours of instruction daily. Camps run 8:00-21:00!
  • Individual development training led by USA College coaches and professional players
  • Mental training sessions, as well as group tactical presentations
  • 3-on-3 tournament
  • Camp contests for 3 pt shooting, ball handling, and slam dunk.
  • Nightly entertainment which will keep you laughing!
  • A chance to make friends with many international players
  • Lots of contests, 3-3 tournament with professional DJ
  • Motivational speakers from the NBA, or other internationally famous companies
  • Top fitness and strength and conditioning coaches advise and guide you
  • Each camp has one of the world's foremost shooting experts leading the shooting curriculum
  • video taping and sessions of play all analyized.. we are hi-tech!
  • some camps have swimming olympics or beach days depending on location
  • most of all you will be coached in English and having a great chance to make many international basketball friends.. these friends you will have for life

Each camp has a local website with our partner organization. As we announce our guest coaching staff and NBA appearances you can keep up to date with all the news.

A final reminder that these camps are not "showcase" camps. They are old school basketball stations which will teach you the fundamentals of the game to get ahead. We encourage the basketball players who are serious and hungry to attend. There will be matches, and a tournament, but the focus is on fundamental tactical and technical development.